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 2019 colts & fillies
Working Cowhorse, Cutting, Reining, and Roping bloodlines by  and selected weanling prospects. 

For detailed information on available 
2018 foals click here: Young Prospects

Two Timin Shiner making out with Merada Misty, July 2014

Please find details about these horses below - 2018 foals still for sale at  Young Prospects
All of our 2019 foals are born, we had a few late ones that will winter with us..
This year, again, we have very few fillies, and most of the ones we have are already spoken for.
Please stay tuned for updates, you can also join our mailing-list for updates on new born foals. Click on the picture to the right to subscribe.
We hold a foal with a 50% deposit until pick up or weaning (October 31st the latest), guaranteed sound, healthy and correct at day of pick up. 
We have wintering options available and can deliver within 400 miles (shipping fees apply).

last update: February 20th, 2020 - updated pictures and sale status, we had a couple of late born foals plus making a couple of others available.
- click here for a quick overview of all available horses -
Please remember: if you are looking at a certain foal do not hesitate to contact if you'd like to have more pictures mailed.

You can also follow us on facebook:
We sell foals with a 50% deposit, they can stay with the dam until end of October of their foaling year or until at least 4 month old. We can winter foals for the new owner for $110/month boarding fee, $180/month would include halter training and daily handling. Please refer to Terms & Conditions  for more information regarding deposits, boarding, and travel papers. All foals come with a certificate of registration unless otherwise noted. 
Shipping: We can not deliver horses, but if you are interested in estimated shipping costs we recommend the website that offers shipping services. Our zip code is 82720 (Hulett, WY) for looking up shipping quotes. Zip code 57744 for the foals located in Rapid City, SD. In average you are looking at $0.75 per loaded mile for a distance above 500 miles, and about $1.00 for a distance less than 500 miles, with a licensed shipping company. We may be able to deliver your foal to you, but won't be able to compete with shipping company prices. But we will be reliable and on time, one of the biggest problems we had with commercial shippers.

Quick overview of the available foals,
 please visit 2019 foals sold to see our complete 2019 foal crop.

Due to wintery conditions on our ranches not all weanlings are available for pick up at this time (February 2020). We do accept deposits to hold. Please inquire for more information on location.
We offer risk-free in-utero reservations on 2020 foals.

A deposit ($200 to $500, depending on siring stallion) gives first right of refusal and is 100% refundable until the foal is born and evaluated. There is no obligation to buy the foal.
 Two Timin Shiner x Codys Zodiac
red roan stallion, $2600

Metallic Mist x Choosen Delight (SR Instant Choice)
sorrel stallion, $4200
Metallic Mist x Paddys Lena Two Eyes
sorrel stallion $2100
Metallic Mist x MS Lucky Lena
sorrel filly, $3800


This list shows all the foals we have available at this time. Please refer to our 2019 foals sold page for our complete 2019 foal crop. 
All the mares listed on for extended pedigrees. If you have questions about a certain horse please contact.
As always: we have plenty of pictures of all of our horses - if you can not find it here please request.
Pending foals are already spoken for but may become available again if something falls through.

Foals by Two Timin Shiner
name (some are links*) dam dam-sire foal color sex born price status
PeptoSmellsTheLilies* Peptoes Lily #07 Hunka Dual Pep red roan stallion May 22
Peptos Zodiac* Codys Zodiac Codoc red roan stallion June 7
Peptos High Flyer* Hi As A Kite High Brow CD sorrel stallion May 23
Peptos Best Mate* Liza Mate #03 Smart Mate sorrel filly May 14

Foals by Metallic Mist

name (some are links*) dam dam-sire foal color sex born price status
Plenty of Cat Eyes* Paddys Lena Two Eyes #7 Plenty O Paddys Lena sorrel stallion May 29
Plenty of Lucky Cats* MS Lucky Lena Gay Bar Lena sorrel filly June 21
Plenty Choosen One* Choosen Delight SR Instant Choice sorrel stallion June 4
Plenty Little Cats* Jewels Lil Olena Smart Little Lena sorrel filly June 14

Please find details about these horses below.

 Two Timin Shiner  -  2010 AQHA stallion - Reference Sire
Please click here for more information and pictures of Two Timin Shiner: Two Timin Shiner
sire Peptoboonsmal
One Time Pepto
One Time Soon (Smart Little Lena)
Two Timin Shiner
dam Shining Spark
Sue C Shiner
Sue C Sun (Zan Parr Bar)

Red roan stallion out of Codys Zodiac
born 06-08-2018, $2600
Codys Zodiac aka Wendy is an awesome ranch horse with a lot of agility working cows, a joy to ride! One of her daughters joined the ranch remuda and is one of the favorites at the place as well.
 Metallic Mist  -  2013 AQHA stallion - Reference Sire
Please click here for more information and pictures of Metallic Mist: Metallic Mist
sire High Brow Cat
(High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty)
Metallic Cat
(NCHA $574,494)
Chers Shadow
(Peptoboonsmal x Shesa Smarty Lena)
Metallic Mist
2013 red roan stallion dam Doc's Hickory
(Doc Bar x Miss Chickasha)
Hickory Badger Ina
(offspring earnings of over $477,000) 
Prima Badgerina
(Peppy San Badger x Freckles Memory)

Stallion out of Paddys Lena Two Eyes, born 05-29-2019, $2100 This is Paddys Lena Two Eye's third foal, all stud colts, and we sure liked them all a lot!

Sorrel filly out of MS Lucky Lena born 06-21-2019, $3800 This stunning filly out of one of our best mares was injured when she was about a month old. She has scar tissue on her left shoulder, but is sound. Please contact for more information.

Sorrel stallion out of Choosen Delight (SR Instant Choice x Smart Equalizer daughter), born 06-04-2019, $4200 Cutting prospect deluxe, he has the bloodlines and the conformation to work.

Some of our *** sold ***  foals,
 please visit 2019 foals sold to see our complete 2019 foal crop.

Two Timin Shiner x Smokes Dinahlee aka Roxanne
red roan stallion, $4500    *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Cowgurl Up Smartie
red roan filly, $2400    *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Hi As A Kite (High Brow CD)
sorrel stallion, $3700    *** sold ***

Two Timin Shiner x Lil Freckles Belle
sorrel stallion, $2600  *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Highlight A Dun Cat
red dun filly, $2300 *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Ame Go Red Glo
sorrel stallion, $2400 *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Liza Mate (Smart Mate)
red roan or sorrel filly, $3900 *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Tivio Cream
bay roan stallion *** not for sale ***
Two Timin Shiner x Taz The Thing (Wild Thing DNA)
red roan filly, $2800 *** sold ***

Metallic Mist x Paddys Cutters Glo
bay stallion $2400 *** sold ***
Metallic Mist x Paddys Barlady Two
chestnut stallion $2200 *** sold ***
Metallic Mist x Chicks Texas Cutter
red roan stallion $3100 *** sold ***
Metallic Mist x Daisys Naaghtee Chic
red roan filly $2700 *** sold ***
Metallic Mist x Jewels Lil Olena (Smart Little Lena)
sorrel filly *** sold ***
Metallic Mist x JFR Meralena Prom
red roan stallion $2800 *** sold ***
Watchzan x WS MS Fuzszy Oak
buckskin filly, $1500 *** sold ***
Dualin With Cows x Queen Cat Hunt
bay filly, $1200 *** sold ***
Two Timin Shiner x Chokecherry Meradan
red roan stallion, $3100  *** sold ***


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