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 Reference Broodmares - 
mares sold, retired, or deceased, but unforgotten!
With 50+ years breeding horses (and nearly 20 years recorded on our website) some of our broodmares are not with us anymore. Old age will call them, some are sold, and some still stroll our pastures in their retirement.

All mares are listed on for further information on extended pedigrees.

2021 mare line-up for our Boon A Little son WT That Blues Man (LTE $22,957), out of a High Brow Cat daughter. These seven beauties are saddle horses from the ranch and young ones born and raised here.
- Cat A Lac N: Tomcat N Round (High Brow Cat) x Freckle Image daughter
- Shesa Dual Whitch: Peptos Blueprint (Peptoboonsmal) x Dual Pep daughter
- Cats Okalena: Wild Haired Cat (High Brow Cat) x Dual Peppy daughter
- Plenty High Chances: Metallic Mist (Metallic Cat) x Tens Last Chance daughter
- TCross Bonanza: Guys Piece OfThe Pie (Frenchmans Guy) x Zanze Bar Gold dau.
- Peptos Merada Misty: Two Timin Shiner (One Time Pepto) x Merada Zest daughter
- Plenty Of Lucky Cats: Metallic Mist (Metallic Cat) x Gay Bar Lena daughter
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Reference mares (no longer with us or exposed to a stallion)
name (some are links) sire sire of dam color born
Miss Smart And Tari Tari Smart Peppy San Badger chestnut 2000 deceased 2016
Amanda Madoc Docs Sabre Glo Jae Bar Madoc sorrel 1995 deceased 2017
Watch For Friday Jacks Firery Roan Poco Bueno Image bay 2001 deceased 2017
Plentofbarlady #14 Chief Blue Duck Bear N Trouble palomino 2000 deceased 2018
High Brow Susie High Brow Hickory Doc's Solano red dun 1999 deceased 2018
Dorkyfrostygoldens #6* Dorky Frosty Spark Chief Blue Duck buckskin 2006 deceased 2018
Bikini Gals SI (aka Si Olena)* SI Olena Doc O Glo sorrel 2005 sold
Colonels Dun Doc Snip Of Colonel Clarks Doc Bar dun 1992 deceased 2018
My Butterfinger* Peppy San Rey Rojo Poco Lenata San chestnut 2011 sold
Thepantherbehind #7* Hickory Sun Olena Jae Bar Wade sorrel 2010 sold
Tee Bar Jeep* Docs Sabre Glo Pine Delrio Hygro sorrel 1992 deceased 2019
Catalena Freckles* Catalena Dude PC Sun Socks bay 1999 deceased 2020
Plenty To Watch For #8* Dualin With Cows Jack Firery Roan bay 2014 sold
Plentyofit Miss Doc #2 Plentyofit  Doc's Juniper dun 2000 retired
Plentyofit Glo Docs #9* Plentyofit  Peppy Docsan brown 2007 retired
Della Sabre Glo* Docs Sabre Glo Docs Jack Frost sorrel 1994 retired
Plentyofit Two Eyes #1* Plentyofit Baron Jack brown 1997 retired
Queen Cat Hunt #9* Hickory Sun Olena Old Willy Cat sorrel 2008 sold
Besta War* War Rocket Go Besta Pickens chestnut 1997 retired
MS Lucky Lena* Gay Bar Lena Smokeys Gray sorrel 1996 retired
Merada Misty #02* Merada Zest Mr Poco Blakburn 017 palomino 2010 sold
Peptos Merada Misty* Two Timin Shiner Merada Zest pal roan 2018 sold
Chokecherry Meradan* Pepto Meradan Haidas Little Pep chest roan 2014 sold
Skips Peppy Smart #18* Little Peppy Smart Doc N Tivio sorrel 2004 sold
Have An Ichi Kat #19* Cat Ichi Freckles Playboy sorrel 2012 sold
Ame Go Red Glo (Tempesta)* MB Smart Smokey Docs Sabre Glo sorrel 1998 deceased 2022
Smokes Dinahlee (Roxanne)* MB Smart Smokey Amego Tramp red roan 2000 retired
Utopians Peach* Utopian Wix Brother Wind sorrel 1997 retired
Codys Zodiac* Codoc SPD Moon bay 2000 retired
Sweet Cherry Whiz* Gold Dragon Whiz Pablo San sorrel 2011 deceased 2022
Plentyofit DYD #22 Plentyofit Quilchina Bar chestnut 2000 deceased 2022
Plenty Mixed Whiskey Plenty O Paddys Lena Mr Tonka Wood red dun 2020 deceased 2023
Taz The Thing #04* Wild Thing DNA Pepto Taz sorrel 2009 deceased 2023
Plenty Of Lucky Cats #01* Metallic Mist Gay Bar Lena sorrel 2018 sold
Do Whiskey Dancing #8 Cat Man Do Some Kinda CD sorrel 2015 saddle horse
Chunkymunky #8* Hickory Sun Olena Pepalito sorrel 2009 saddle horse
Tivio Cream Cooke N Cream Peppy Rey Cee buckskin 2008 saddle horse
Have An Ichi Kat by Cat Ichi
Jewels Lil Olena by Smart Little Lena
High Brow Susie by High Brow Hickory
Hi As A Kite by High Brow CD

Plenty Of Lucky Cats -  2018 AQHA sorrel mare
sire High Brow Cat
(High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty)
Metallic Cat
(NCHA $574,494)
Chers Shadow
(Peptoboonsmal x Shesa Smarty Lena)
Metallic Mist
2013 red roan stallion dam Doc's Hickory
(Doc Bar x Miss Chickasha)
Hickory Badger Ina
(offspring earnings of over $477,000) 
Prima Badgerina
(Peppy San Badger x Freckles Memory)
sire Doc O'Lena
Gay Bar Lena
(NCHA $31,409.59)
Gay Deena Bars (Gay Bar King)
MS Lucky Lena
dam Smokeys Gray (Smokey Duster Too)
Smokin Kristy 
Docs Darlin Dolly (Doc Clabber)

 Do Whiskey Dancing -  2015 sorrel AQHA mare
It's no secret that we love us some Paddys Irish Whiskey crossed with High Brow Cat. This huge mare brings in both, and we can't wait what she will produce for us!

6 panel tested N/N
sire High Brow Cat
(NCHA 110,102.14)
Cat Man Do
Some Kinda Playgirl
(Freckles Playboy x Doc Bar dtr)
Do Whiskey Dancing
dam CD Olena
(Doc O'Lena x Freckles Playboy dtr)
Some Kinda CD
Miss Whiskey Lena 
(Ducelena x Paddys Irish Whiskey dtr)

Sheza Sugar Kat - 2016 sorrel mare
This mare came to us in 2019, but she has not settled for us, yet. We will give her one more chance for 2022, then it's back to ranch work for her.
Super friendly disposition!

Her bloodlines are made up with the who-is-who in the NCHA all-time leadings lists.
High Brow Cat #1 NCHA all-time leading sire with $73,295,885 PE
The Smart Look #3 NCHA all-time leading dam with $1,749,890 PE
Peptoboonsmal #6 NCHA all-time leading sire with $23,079,665 PE
Smart Lil Ricochet #44 NCHA all-time leading sire with $3,728,371 PE
sire High Brow Cat
(NCHA 110,102.14)
Kit Kat Sugar
(NCHA 239,994.33)
Sugar N Dulce (NCHA $12,926.92) 
(Smart Lil Ricochet x Peppy San Badger daughter)
Sheza Sugar Kat
dam Peptoboonsmal 
(LTE $180,487, 
Offspring Earnings $25,400,714 - $25 Million sire)
The Smart Look 
(LTE $48,723, dam of six $200,000+ earners)
(Smart Little Lena x Freckles Playboy dtr)

  CC Peppy Bee -  1998 sorrel AQHA mare
This mare's foals always have a lot of bone, conformation, chrome, bloodlines, and - charisma. Most friendly dispositions as well. 
Since this mare is getting on in years we are hoping for one last filly out of her to keep.
sire Passover Peppy
(Peppy San Badger x Doc O'Lena daughter)
Passover Billy
Ann Zan 
(Zantalon H by King)
CC Peppy Bee
dam Tee J Dandy Jack
(Jackie Bee)
CC Lady Tee Jae
Kechi Bee
(Jackie Bee)

Click here for pictures of CC Peppy Bee's former years filly

Pictured here with her 2015 stud colt.

Cat A Lac N -  2005 AQHA sorrel mare
Moving on ... After Cat has spend the last few years toting the rancher's grandson around chasing cattle at the ranch, he is switching for a younger mount and Cat A Lac N is joining the brood mare band. We are very excited to see what she produces with our Boon A Little son!
sire High Brow Cat
(High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty)
Tomcat N Round
(NCHA 29,240.86)
Docs Dixie Lee
(Doc's Prescription x Texas Gill dtr)
Cat A Lac N
dam Freckle Image
(Colonel Freckles x Son OfA Doc dtr)
My Maranda Lena
Brands Lena 
(Doc O Niner x Doc's Prescription dtr)

 Plentyofit DYD - 2000 chestnut AQHA mare
Plentyofit DYD's dam was one of our best producing mares. We kept a full brother to the expected foal in our ranch remuda, a tall gelding with lots of cow and very easy to look at.
sire Doc's Hickory
Chickasha Annie
Plentyofit DYD
dam Quilchina Bar
(Doc Tari x Leo San daughter)
Double You Doc
Docs Quilchena
(Doc Bar)

Click here for pictures of her 2013 foal

Pictured here with her 2013 filly, a full sister to the expected foal.

 Sliks Jude - 2003 chestnut AQHA mare
We used Jude at the ranch before she joined the broodmare band in 2023. She has had foals before with a former owner, now we are looking forward to see what she will produce for us! 
sire Smart Little Lena
Playboys Silk Lena
Playboys Slik Chick
(Freckles Playboy x Doc Bar dtr)
Sliks Jude
dam Hesa Sharpie
(WYO Hi Jo x Miss Sugar Jag)
Macs Fancy Bars
Fancy Stitch
(Starlight Dan x Altina)

Cats Okalena -  2012 AQHA sorrel mare
sire High Brow Cat
(NCHA $126,252)
Wild Haired Cat
(NCHA $134,468)
Miss Echo Wood (LTE 59,800)
(Doctor Wood x Gay Bar King daughter)
Cats Okalena
dam Dual Peppy (NCHA $81,937) 
(Peppy San Badger x Miss Dual Doc)
Duals San Lena
Oaks Smart Lass
(Doc's Oak x Smart Little Lena daughter)


Joining the brood mare band in 2021, I am suspicious that the rancher's son went out to the barn to saddle his horse ... and found her missing. His loss is our gain, we are looking forward to her first foal in 2022!

Cats Okalena is a full sister to our mare Duallys Wild Lass

Choosen Delight - 2006 sorrel mare
Delight lost her 2018 foal to a mountain lion attack, but had some outstanding stud colts by Metallic Mist in the years after.
sire Doc's Hickory
SR Instant Choice 
(NCHA $96,850, LTE $108,997)
Doc's Lynx daughter
Choosen Delight
dam Smart Equalizer NCHA $54,576
(Smart Little lena x Moria Sugar)
Equal Fifty
NCHA $7,192.37
Cutter Bar Fifty 
(Lad's 50 x Double Bar Goer)

 Plenty Mixed Whiskey -  2020 red dun AQHA mare
This mare is perfectly show casing our well muscled and big Plenty O Paddys Lena offspring. His daughters cross great on our Metallic Cat son, and we expect some outstanding foals out of this young mare.

5 panel tested N/N
sire Paddys Irish Whiskey
(NRCHA All-Time Leading Sire)
(Peppy San Badger x Doc's Starlight)
Plenty O Paddys Lena
Movin Easy Lena
(Doc O Dynamite x Doc Olena)
Plenty Mixed Whiskey
dam Mr Tonka Wood
Dun Mixed
Fancy Mix

Taz The Thing -  2009 sorrel AQHA mare
This Smart Little Lena, Peppy San Badger and Freckles Playboy bred mare is thickly build with a great disposition. Her first foal by Two Timin Shiner was an athletic sorrel filly.
sire Smart Little Lena
(NCHA $577,652.36)
Wild Thing DNA
(NCHA $94,561.45)
Autum Boon (NCHA $244,470.47)
(Dual Pep x Royal Blue Boon)
Taz The Thing
dam Pepto Taz (NCHA $130,173.96) 
(Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena daughter)
Taz Ola
(NCHA $8,949.29)
Miss Play Ola (NCHA $1,563.10)
(Freckles Playboy x Doc O'Lena daughter)


Hi As A Kite  -  2010 palomino roan AQHA mare
Love this mare. When I saw her the first time all in me was screaming "mine, mine!" - alas, she'll be in the broodmare band. 
Hi As A Kite was not shown herself. She is a 3/4 sister to What About Blue, who has NCHA earnings of $249,766.42 (2021).
sire High Brow Cat
High Brow CD 
(NCHA $502,201.75)
Sweet Little CD 
(CD Olena x Smart Little Lena dtr)
Hi As A Kite
dam Peptoboonsmal
Peptos Special Date
(NCHA $18,224.76)
Doc's Steady Date 
(NCHA 25,338) (Doc Bar x Steady Date)


pictured here with her 2016 filly by Two Timin Shiner.

Sweet Cherry Whiz -  2011 sorrel AQHA mare
Cherry came to us from Drew & Judy Hutchinson's breeding program in Aladdin, Wyoming. They focused on reining bred Quarter Horses with a lot of athletism, body, and trainability.
sire Topsail Whiz (Offspring LTE $12 Million)
(Topsail Cody x Cee Red daughter)
Golden Dragon Whiz
(NRCHA money earner,
66 reining points)
A Smart Smoke
(I'll Be Smart (LTE $85,076) x Dry Doc daughter)
Sweet Cherry Whiz
dam Pablo San (Offspring LTE $386,224)
(Peppy San  x King Fritz daughter)
Pablo Sugar Gal
Special Sassy Gal
(Sassy Doc x Leo Hill daughter)

Pablos Hope -  2000 chestnut AQHA mare
Hope came to us from Drew & Judy Hutchinson's breeding program in Aladdin, Wyoming. They focused on reining bred Quarter Horses with a lot of athletism, body, and trainability.

Her grand sire, Peppy San, had NCHA earnings of $49,478. Now, keep in mind that this was in the early 1960s - that would be almost half a million in todays money. He was a full brother of Mr San Peppy, Peppy San Badger's sire.
sire Peppy San (NCHA $49,478) 
(Leo San x Pep Up dtr)
Pablo San
(NCHA $10,635, PE LTE $386,224)
Paula Chex 
(1975 World Champion Open Hackamore)
(King Fritz x Paul Easter dtr)
Pablos Hope
dam Poco Taito 
(Poco Bueno x Magnolia Dunny dtr)
Cochises Beb
(Cochise Bars by King Bars x Cadinals Boy dtr)

 Gold Lacy Poco -   2002 AQHA palomino mare
Gold Lacy Poco's foals are always pretty build with great muscleing, big hips and dispositions that make them great horses to do everything with. They love people. She would be my personal pick when looking for a versatile trail and ranch horse with enough cow to make the neighbors look twice.

5 panel tested N/N
sire Poco Del Sun
Chickadell Poco
Rustys Chickadee
Gold Lacy Poco
dam Nugget Wrangler
Simon Lacy
Miss Leo Machine

This is a link to pictures of Gold Lacy Poco's 2016 buckskin filly and also offspring from former years:
Click here for pictures of Gold Lacy Poco's offspring

Ame Go Red Glo  -  1998 AQHA chestnut mare 
Tempesta was lightly started under saddle as a 2year old and did very well, but we wanted to raise a foal rather than add to our saddle string.
Her thickness and stamina paired with the cowsense and quickness of our stallions gave us beautiful, heavy muscled foals. She is still surprising us with a baby every other year. 
sire Sputnick Goblin
MB Smart Smokey
Mia Mydoc
Ame Go Red Glo
dam Docs Sabre Glo
Tee Bar Jeep
Pines Cuppa Tea

Click here for pictures of her 2015 colt and Tempesta's former foals

Pictured here Tempesta and her 2013 filly.

 Smokes Dinahlee -  2000 AQHA red roan mare
"Roxanne" is broke to ride and was used on the ranch before she joined the broodmare band. She was very easy to train, smart, quick and cowy. 
The combination of Roxanne with our Peppy San Badger and Freckles Playboy bred stud never failed to produce an outstanding foal. They are beauties with elegance, alertness and charisma, heavy muscled and fine heads. She produces just the same quality with our One Time Pepto son. 
Roxanne is homozygous for roan, thus her foals are never a big color surprise - they are roans.
sire Sputnick Goblin
MB Smart Smokey
Mia Mydoc
Smokes Dinahlee
dam Amego Tramp
Dinahs Little Echo
Twistin Dinah

Click here for pictures of Roxanne's foals until 2015

Pictured here Roxanne and her 2011 filly.

 Utopians Peach  -   1997 sorrel AQHA mare
Peach is a mare that is going in and out of the broodmare band. Once she is bred we miss her in our ranch remuda, once we ride her, we want a foal out of her - she is that good!

She has had a foal by almost everyone of our stallions, one better than the other, and is bred to Smart Shiny N Rugged for a 2023 foal.
sire Utopian 72
Utopian Wix
Jackie Gilda
Utopians Peach
dam Brother Wind
Plaudit Wind
Plaudit Pacific

Codys Zodiac -  2000 bay AQHA mare
Wendy was used as a saddle horse at the ranch for years and has always been the go-to horse for the ones of us who prefer a push button horse to something that needs told what to do. She is short but very stout build, with a lot of agility and cow sense. With her ridability she's been a favorite, and we kept one of her daughters as a saddle horse as well - a spitting image of Wendy inside and out.
sire Docs Tabasco (NRHA $19,544)
(Doc's Benito Bar x Joe Cody dtr)
Tawny Cody
(Joe Cody x Steel Bars dtr)
Codys Zodiac
dam SPD Moon
(Smart Peppy Doc x Chrome Quixote dtr)
SPD Codiac
Bettys Osage Star
(Osage Star Diablo x Bucking Bronco dtr)


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